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Module 1: Transformation, Self-Care and Personality

Welcome to Recovery@Work Module 1 where you will begin by setting up a foundation for success in this course and diving into understanding your personality at work.

Module 2: Manage Your Energy and Listen to Your Intuition

In this second week you will understand more clearly how The Universe works, the laws and process of creation, the power of elevating your vibrations and tapping into your intuition.

Module 3: Making Better Decisions for Yourself

In this module you'll be focusing on and identifying what you want in your life and career. You will choose and align with your most important values and get clear on what drives you.

Module 4: Beliefs - Cleaning Up Your Past will Reboot Your Future

In this module you'll be reviewing your early conditioning, understanding what beliefs may be holding you back, and learning to reprogram yourself with more affirming and empowering thoughts so you can more easily align with the vibrations of your vision.

Module 5: Forgiveness: The Key to Your Empowerment

In this module you'll review the Spiritual Axiom, how to let go of resentments more quickly, and doing a deeper dive into exploring the gifts that your challenges have given to you in this life.

Module 6: Vision, Strategy & Plan Development

In this module you will be intimately crafting your vision and practicing visualization techniques. You will then begin to do the research to define a strategy that makes sense to begin creating a plan of action to get you moving in the direction of your dreams.

Module 7: Overcoming Fears & Excuses While Executing Your Plan

In this module you'll discover how to manage your inner critic and create a powerful inner support system. We'll discuss the power of support and talking baby steps through fear.

Module 8: Leadership Skills: How You Show Up Determines Your Success

In this final module you'll get reinforcement of all the progress you've made by examining all the skills your learned in recovering from alcoholism and how it gave you a leaders toolkit. We'll touch on managing conflicts and expanding your emotional intelligence so that you can develop better relationships.

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