Inner Leadership: How to Manage That Critical Inner Voice and Move Foward with Confidence

6 Modules

Welcome to Inner Leadership!

Most people have a critical inner voice. If left unchecked it can keep you stuck in a rut and not moving your life forward. If you are a business owner or leader at work or in the classroom, you've got to get a handle on the voice so you can really impact the people who you lead and add your value to the world.

Day 1: Build a Foundation of Self-Care

Set yourself up for success on Day 1 learning how to set your goal and take care of yourself along the way.

Day 2: Six Ways the Voice Shows Up

Learn the 6 ways the voice may show up in your life to derail you or keep you small. Identify how  YOUR inner voice show up?

Day 3: Name Your Inner Critic

Naming your voice will help you to separate this part of you so that you can more easily ignore, compartmentalize and discipline this "character." 

Day 4: Stop the Voice In 5 Easy Steps

Learning and using these 5 steps will ensure success in reaching your goals. The key here is ""commitment." Commitment to practicing the steps and commitment to your goal.

Day 5: Create Your Vision and Plan of Action

Creating a plan to continue to take steps towards your goal is important to let your inner voice know that you mean business and are committed. 

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